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First and foremost because all Brodins, with their multiple laminates of beautiful woods are the absolute benchmark for hand craftsmanship, lightness and strength, but there are some other reasons too.

The Ghost nets are really easy on the fish, the soft and clear rubber mesh prevents any removal of slime from even big trout, and the clarity of the mesh seems to panic the fish less. This minimizes the thrashing and struggling of the trout also. The proprietary Brodin fine mesh also prevents smaller fish from squirting through the holes, while also preventing your flies from snagging the net bag.

The number one reason why I like the Ghost is because it has consistently taken some of the drama out of netting a bigger fish. There is always that moment when you are about to net that wizened old monster and when you move that giant black bag of a conventional net towards them, they freak out, and this is when trophy fish are lost. This is something that all of us that have guided for a time recognize and have seen too often. With the Ghost, I have seen many times the fish just sit there calmly as the net slipped around them not even noticing the entire net! Their reaction is so different, that it is a tad eerie.

Try a Ghost sometime soon, they come in sizes perfect for Brookies to Cohos, and even Kings and Muskies, and let us know how you like them!

— Frank