Montana Fly Company |

MFC began as the brainchild and passion project of flyfishing wunderkind, Adam Trina. Adam was raised in Montana, and guided beginning even before he had a drivers license. His parents would drop him and his clients off at the boat ramp, and pick them up at days end. Adam’s passion for tying led him to begin MFC in the mid nineties. MFC immediately created a new paradigm of creativity with clever and intricate patterns, new materials, and groundbreaking innovation.

Now twenty years in, MFC is the second largest fly company in the world. MFC has its own factories in the most exotic parts of the orient, creates diverse and imaginative products for all fly anglers, and offers one of the most incredible array of flies for any fish that swims.

Some real stars in their lineup are the entire Doug Swisher collection of trout flies, and names like Otter, Coffey, Klein, Rea, Keller, Chutz, Silverman, and the home of some of the fishiest tiers ever assembled.