Felt Soul Media | http://www.feltsoulmedia.com

Travis Rummel and Ben Knight are the filmmakers behind this best of all flyfishing documentary production companies. Their films are fun, irreverent, visually stunning, and completely original. From the seminal "The Hatch" to the fun and eye opening "Running Down The Man" to the acclaimed "Red Gold" and award-winning "Eastern Rises."

Ben and Travis seek to open minds to all of the great and universal aspects of this sport that we share, and create also greater awareness of pressing conservation issues that threaten these places that we cherish. Where they succeed is in making films for both anglers and the general public simultaneously. They have as many fans of their films that don’t fish as there are those that do. Owning these films is as essential to fly anglers as a five weight, a prince nymph, and a copy of "Apocalypse Now."

Get all of their films at the better shops near you, or you can order them directly from www.feltsoulmedia.com (and make sure to check out "Stalk" when you visit). If you would prefer, you can give us a call at Comb, and as an official distributor we can get them to you without shipping charges on our next visit.