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This year from Buff is a watershed year. There is a brand new UV collection of Derek DeYoung printed Buffs, new Bugslinger styles, added UV fish prints, and great new colors in the best selling water gloves, which are not only very comfortable both summer and winter, but also affordably priced. With an enormous offering of thoughtful sun protective and easy wearing products that are $15 to $40, Buffs are the newest and most affordable part of any angling and outdoor equipment.

Buffs originated in 1992 in Spain, when Juan Rojas created a unique tubular and seamless microfiber garment for use as head and neckwear while motorcycling. It very quickly became clear that this unique garment was just as handy on a drift boat as it was on a Ducati. It also quickly gained many other uses and styles of wear from insect and sun protection to a handy wristband. If you consider a sunny saltwater destination such as Florida, Buffs have become an institution that is on every boat inshore to offshore.

Now Buffs is a multinational brand and Buffs come in an impressive array of styles and applications. There are Gore Tex windstopper Cyclone Buffs, to signature artist Buffs and bug repelling Insect Shield Buffs.