Brodin Landing Nets |

Originally crafted on his Idaho ranch for his angling friends in the late seventies, Chris Brodin’s landing nets quickly became one of fly fishing’s most coveted necessities.

Since those simpler times, Brodin has expanded to become one of fly fishing’s largest and most admired net builders. Offering now, everything from entry level handcrafted nets to truly artistic multi wood laminated premium nets, and saltwater leader stretcher boxes too.

Last year Brodin expanded their craftsmanship and innovation to their mesh bags and introduced the Ghost net series. This patented idea is a clear rubber mesh that allows you to get closer to a struggling fish sooner and without frightening the fish. This enables you to net more fish sooner. The clear mesh of the net is also a soft rubber compound that eliminates friction on the fish scales and slime, and makes releasing and handling the fish less traumatic for all.

Without a doubt these nets are easier on anglers too. Less tangles occur, and flies don’t get hung in the mesh bag – this means more time on the water!