Boulder Boat Works |

Andy Toohey and Chris Schrantz are the craftsmen and visionaries behind the finest angling dories anywhere. Handmade at their shop in the countryside north of Boulder, these boats row like no other and are the quietest and stealthiest drift boat we have ever experienced.

Made of a mix of the finest hand laminated Oak sparring and specially welded polyethylene, both the high and low side models allow you to take entirely new lines and routes down your favorite river. Because their hull construction is of a material that is like a P-Tex on the base of skis or a snowboard, the boats exteriors are so slippery that the inevitable rock encounters whilst floating become a complete non-event.

They also are the lightest production drift boats on the planet, and this enables you to go through even the skinniest parts of any river. Though there is no river that these boats don’t excel in, they are the perfect Colorado drift boat, a true work of art, and a pleasure to own.