Airflo Fly Lines |

The important news from Airflo is the introduction of the newest series of Ridge lines, the high floating Super Dri series.

These lines are the low stretch easy handling lines that you have come to know, but a new formula of Polyurethane coating has yielded a line that floats and handles even better, and casts like a dream. These lines are available in the core freshwater trout sizes, and come in chiefly three different tapers.

The Elite taper is the most delicate of the three tapers, but can still handle wind, nymphs and streamers with aplomb. Well suited for all but the fastest of rods, and we like the stealthy colors available here.

The Xceed is a somewhat more aggressive and heavier taper that will cast well on all rods, even if they are really fast. This line is a blast to throw, and is the one that we would choose if we could only have one Airflo line for all trout fishing on all rods.

The Mend is the more aggressive taper that is designed especially for nymphing and streamer fishing, and really excels in this role. For winter fishing or places where you know that subsurface is going to be the order of the day, these lines are terrific. We also like these as a matchup for the lighter Echo switch rods.

Airflo has been around for over thirty years now, and is one the largest and most popular manufacturers of fly lines on earth. Pioneers of low stretch cores and a wide array of revolutionary coatings for the fly lines they design, Airflo up to now has been a bit of a growing secret among American anglers.

Airflo line designer Gareth Jones hit it out of the park several years ago with the release of the Airflo Ridge lines. The original "textured" line, the Ridge lines offer unsurpassed casting and shootability, without the noise and finger wear of other textured lines. Made from a special polyurethane rather than toxic PVC coating, the lines are not only available in every conceivable configuration from fresh to salt, but also offer an unheard of five year no-cracking guarantee. The nice thing about these lines is that they offer better fishability over a longer timespan, and the lower stretch cores allow you also to feel more throughout your day from a softly biting fish to some of the more subtle nuances of your cast and presentation. Try one and see for yourself, they are some of the best lines made.