Abel fly reels are the brainchild of Steve Abel, and the company began at his machine shop in Camarillo California in 1988. An avid angler, and a machinist of artificial heart components, Abel decided to create his own rendition of the hard anodized aluminum frame and impregnated cork drag reels that had allowed so many trophy fish to be caught, and cemented the legend of companies like Fin Nor and Seamaster. From the start, Abel’s reels were compared favorably to these powerful other companies, but then as reel design changed and lightweight and larger arbor designs became more popular, Abel pushed ahead and left these other icons far behind.

Now celebrating 25 years in business, Abel has diversified from their big game reels to now making reels of all different styles and applications. From the smaller click pawl TR series trout reels to the mooching and big game reels, the main thing that shines through is Abel’s unbelievable attention to craftsmanship, detail and finish. Abel has also established an entirely new genre of premium line nippers and their brand new hybrid hemostats. I never thought that there would be a $100 line cutter, but once you use them, you will never go back to lesser tools.

In trying to explain the mystique of the Abel reel, their reels have the reassuring and capable feel of an F-150, but the finish, design, and performance of a Bugatti. This absolutely unique intersection of art and function is alchemy that is completely unique to this company of artisans.

The Abel manufacturing process is the most complete that we have ever seen, not a single screw or fitting for these amazing reels is outsourced. Its all made painstakingly by hand in their Camarillo facility. Abel is the company that bucks the tide of convention and rather than find compromises that cut costs, Abel finds ways to overbuild and add still more quality.