Our goal at Comb Enterprises is to offer the most innovative products for our fellow anglers, along with the highest level of service, education and promotion towards better sales for a specialty retailer.

Comb? Well, yes it is a little bit obscure, but Comb refers to that incredible dorsal fin of a Roosterfish. The Roosterfish is our mascot, marquee, and hero.

We seek only to represent products that we feel to be among the very best investment for an angler or a fly shop. Beyond the products that we use and sell for a living, we also seek more unique offerings that enrich the angler beyond the water - and potentially a fly shops' bottom line - by also offering the highest quality DVD sales, shop commissions on premium artworks, and handcrafted river dories.

Beyond that, we welcome the flyfishing community as a whole to visit our site and hopefully benefit from the area, community, and industry that we hold dear in the Southern Rockies. If you are looking for information on the great fishing that we have here in this region, you will find in our shop directory a list of most of the shops here in the territory along with their contact info and websites.


Frank Smethurst